Barrett Manor

These felines have been wonderful, loving companions, and have passed on to Kitty Heaven:



Damocles left us at the age of 15 in November of 1998. She was a purebred Abyssinian, and left no doubt as to who was Queen of the House. She is no doubt now luxuriating in catnip and unlimited quantities of caviar. 

Sarah Hi... Sarah purrs

Sarah Jane joined Damocles in September of 2000, just about six weeks shy of her 14th birthday. She is happily romping in a place where the doorbell never rings and there is plenty of freshly-cooked chicken.

This is Abby. AKA Queen Abydalla or Abynormal. She's a pure-bred Abyssinian who joined us about a week after Midnight Louise came to the Manor. She left us for the endless fields of catnip in 2013.

Abby's Give me the food! meow. (wav file)