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Shortly after I finished yesterday's entry the phone rang. It was my sister. "Do you know there are rolling blackouts?"

No. Perhaps if you hum a few bars? (Insert rim shot here.)

Yesterday was hot. The coils on the new AC unit froze and I found a leak in the closet, which I need to fix after I finish this entry. A little duct tape goes a long way.

I spent the next half hour cooking dinner in a hot kitchen and soothing my sister's jangled nerves until her power switched back on. The blackout lasted an entire quarter hour. The horror.

We never lost power, but the temps hit a record 101 F yesterday, and we're headed for much the same today. Apparently contributing to the problem is the fact that part of the issue can be attributed to annual maintenance on generators and the like. Normally the weather this time of year is mild, and the power companies take advantage of it to gear their equipment up for the coming summer months. When everyone turned on their air conditioners yesterday, demand quickly outstripped supply.

So no picture or other entries yesterday. Everything just...fell apart.

I've got some picture files to go through, so hopefully I'll have something to post today.

Last night we gave the FiOS a workout as we watched a live webcast of a panel featuring the producers and cast of House. It was a lot of fun to watch, but no one got to bed until after 11.

Speaking of FiOS, we've scheduled the TV install for next Thursday. This should be interesting, and shouldn't take nearly as long as the Internet part did. I think they just hook into their box and from there into our coax cables and then set up the boxes. And yeah, I still need to get on the line with them and see what's going on with email. This is getting silly.

One thing I did manage to do over the weekend was to wrench the knee. This time I felt the kneecap moving around. This is SO not good. I hope I can bowl tomorrow.

Well, I'd better go get some things done before TPB decides we need more blackouts.

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4/19/2006 9:46:06 AM
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