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I'd hoped to spend the weekend doing a whole lot of nothing, but you know how that turned out! To be fair, I did get some sleep, but I spent more time in front of the computer than I'd planned. But I did get some things done, as evidenced by the updates post below.

Part of our weekend was spent fooling with a Bluetooth dongle. I'd like to use these new headphones on more than one computer, and we also thought it would be a good thing to have wireless headphones for our next show. I don't know if Bluetooth is the answer, but I'm sure I'll find out soon as I play more with it.

On to another story making the rounds - the fanfic for sale on I'll link to the Making Light post as it links to several other relevant posts.

The story in a nutshell is that a writer published her Star Wars fanfic and put it up for sale at Amazon. What kills me is that this woman is an editor and co-founder of a small poetry press. You would think she'd have some conception of the idea of copyright. But check out the Google cache of an author interview:

Q: Having set Another Hope in an already existing universe, I find myself wondering if there was any concern on your part regarding copyrights?

No, because I wrote this book for myself. This is a self-published story and is not a commercial book. Yes, it is for sale on Amazon, but only my family, friends and acquaintances know it’s there.

Q: I also wonder how far a writer is allowed to write in a world and to use characters introduced by another author?

If it’s not a commercial project, I don’t see any problem. George Lucas’ Star Wars universe is fertile territory for so-names “infinities,” or alternate storyline material. Thousands of people write them, and they are posted on hundreds of unofficial Star Wars-themed web sites on the Internet. Lucas himself said that as long as no one is making a profit, he thought such tributes were wonderful.

How can someone place a book on Amazon and expect that only friends and family will see it? She says this is a non-commerical venture, but is offering it for sale in a clearly commercial venue. In this case, the potential for profit is there, if the book is good.

Is it? Here's an excerpt (again via Google cache). Judge for yourself.

The other thing that boggles my mind about this is that it has apparently been available since July of 2005. I can't believe that it flew under the radar for that long.

You might want to check out check it out on Amazon before it goes away.

[Edited because it's Monday and I obviously can't spell my way out of a paper bag.]

Picture on the way.

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4/24/2006 9:47:44 AM
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