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Busy weekend. Saturday we held auditions for our upcoming show. I sucked as expected. Sigh.

We also got rid of all of the cable equipment - boxes, modem, remotes. No more cable. Paul took the stuff down while I took a nap. He said they didn't even ask why we were dropping the service. It wouldn't surprise me if they're getting cancellations right and left now that FiOS is in the area. You know, we may find FiOS is awful and we go back to cable after a year. But at least we have the choice.

Spent part of yesterday doing yard work. We also took Chris to get some glasses. He wasn't too keen on it, but our contact lens order has been delayed. He needs vision correction in order to drive, so he has no choice. I know he hates glasses. So do I, but that's the way it goes.

I managed to wrench the knee again yesterday while we were working outdoors. That's what I get for not wearing the right brace. Now it's probably going to be impossible to lose enough weight to get into my dress for the show.

Yeah, I'm morose. It's Monday and more laundry awaits. But I'll post a picture.


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5/2/2006 10:00:12 AM
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