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I don't blog a lot on the weekends, but I did want to mention a couple of things: First, Return With Us Now... got a review in the Frisco paper. The print version has a couple of pictures, including one of me. The Dallas Morning News has asked for some cast pictures. I need to update some links at the side, but technical issues prevent me from doing it. I hope to get those resolved today. If not, it'll be sometime next week. I'm looking at the time, and it's already past 2:30. Wow. Yes, I slept in today. I hadn't planned to sleep in for as long as I did, but I woke up at the break of dawn with an asthma attack. Took a couple of hits of albuterol, but it took me an hour to relax enough to go back to sleep. So no, I don't feel bad about not getting up until nearly 11 this morning. If you're in the D/FW area, we'd love for you to come see the show!

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5/30/2006 10:53:55 AM
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