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Wow. Things have been hopping today.

Not to mention that in the back of my brain ideas for the plotline on the novel in progress are finally percolating again. This is good news. That project felt really stalled. I'd sit down and read what I'd written and cringe, or read the text and wonder where it was going to go next. I think I know. I really want to just plow through and see what happens. We shall see.

Karen has been blogging about her involvement in the Barbara Bauer Wikipedia article. The discussion page has been an interesting read: Lots of going back and forth on major and minor bits. It's an interesting look into the sausage factory that is Wikipedia.

Went to my bowling league this morning and shot a 201-202-246 for a 649 series. Tonight I've got to try and live up to that 203 average I set last Wednesday night. My morning league average is 166 and my spring evening league average was 169, so you can see that this will be difficult to keep. Just the fact that I've shot two 600 series in a row just (pun alert!) bowls me over. I've never done that. Ever. And this is the first time I've had three 200 games in a row. Wow.

Had lunch with Paul and then we decided to go to the Sprint store and look at our upgrade options. We can get a $150 credit on one phone, and a $75 credit on another. If we wait until August 1 we can get a $150 on each phone. So we're trying to decide what to do. I've been very frustrated with Sprint lately over the whole premium SMS spam issue. We finally had to block that service to the one phone. No one has EVER signed up for ringtones, jokes, or anything, yet these charges keep rolling in. I'd say that was reason enough to switch carriers, but it's happening on Cingular and Verizon as well. Not fun at all.

I like my phone, but it turns off for no reason. They say the problem is with the phone and it will cost "up to" $65 to fix it, or I could get a $75 credit on a new phone. Sounds fishy to me. The "repair" will probably be to swap out for a refurbished phone. Bleah. So we will be thinking about our options.

It's about time to get ready to go to bowling. Guess I need to try to find a picture as well. Let's see what I can dig up.

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6/7/2006 4:53:17 PM
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