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Harder to breathe

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I need to rearrange the widgets on the left-hand side. More about that in a bit, but if you'll scroll down you'll see an air quality widget. The number represents the ozone level as measured at the station closest to where I live. Right now it is at 116, which is unhealthy. We have several levels: Green (okay for everyone), yellow (may cause problems for some people who are senstivie), orange (unhealthy, especially for sensitive people), red (unhealthy for all) and purple (get out the breathing apparatus). We have hit purple here once.

So right now it's - you guessed it, Prisoner fans - orange alert. Since Chris and I both have asthma, we tend to stay indoors during the afternoons if at all possible. So far this summer we've been okay on the breathing front.

What does all that have to do with widgets? Mostly the fact that I just stuck the air quality widget in there the other day, and it would make more sense if I were to rearrange them. You may notice one more widget at the foot of the page: A Creative Commons license. I'm going to try to add this to my feeds as well because I'm experimenting with full feeds. This will mean more widgets. Different widgets, perhaps. I dunno. I'm trying really hard to keep the widgets in one spot and keep them small so they don't cause too much clutter. I figure keeping the clutter off to one side shouldn't distract from reading.

This is definitely a work in progress.

In other news...

Went to the pulmonologist this morning, or rather Chris went and I sat there and played mom. I'm going in a couple of weeks for a check-up. We just needed to get the last of his medical ducks in a row for summer camp. Yay.

Don't forget that tomorrow is the Round Robin Photo Challenge. To join in, click on the link on the left.

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6/13/2006 4:48:32 PM
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