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Another day when things didn't go quite as planned. Yesterday afternoon the pulmonologist called and asked to see Chris today. He wanted to take another pulmonary function test before the kid left for camp. The last one was a year ago, and he wasn't pleased with the results. So off we went this morning. And we have good news to report: His lung function has improved quite a bit over the last year. He still wants to see Chris in a couple of weeks to see how summer camp went with the med change. There is still a little concern about his Venture Trek next month, but right now he's got a conditional okay to go. The doctor also thinks there's a possibility that Chris may grow out of his asthma, which would obviously be a good thing.

That really put a crimp in my plans for today, but it was worth it.

My other task for today is to start the process of moving over to the new hosting service. I'd hoped to set the entire day aside to do this, but now I'll just get a couple of hours. I think I can at least get it all started.

I also managed to visit the Round Robins today. Great stuff! I don't always feel up to the task on these, but I really enjoy looking at the other entries to see how they interpret the challenges. I left a comment on all but two blogs. They both required me to be a member of the service. Sorry about that. With all the comment spam issues, I certainly understand the need for authentication.

Picture today? I dunno. Lots to do. Maybe I'll manage something. It's just too darned hot for good pictures! And yes, Karen, that was tree sap on Tuesday's picture. No butterfly, though. Next thing I need are some macro adapters for my lenses. I'd like a decent macro lens, but it won't happen for a few months yet.

Okay, off to work, and off to put bread in the oven. Yeah, it's hot and I'm making bread. I am officially insane.

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6/15/2006 2:53:37 PM
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