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This has been one of those one-thing-leads-to-another kind of days.

We did get the printer. Of course, that meant pulling out the old printer, which meant crawling under the desk to swap power cords. While I was under there I took care of the dust that had accumulated since the last time I was down there. And then I - gasp! - decided that I should tackle the surface of my desk. It's mostly clean now. I've just got a few papers, most of which are related to things that are normally on the agenda for Mondays.

And thanks to Karen, I discovered a problem with my RSS feed. If you subscribe you may have run into a problem where the second through fifth entries didn't have a headline. Instead, it had the first sentence of the text of the entry or the summary (depending on which feed you get). I found an error in the code that generates the feed, so it should work just fine now.

They new printer? Hey, it's cool. Midnight approves, of course. It's a floor wax AND a dessert topping a good photo printer AND a workhorse text printer!

We've got a line of storms moving through again. It looks like we'll catch the edge of this line. That will be okay on one hand as the chance for wind and hail damage is lower. On the other hand, the heavy rains will be to the south, which won't help our lake levels. The forecast has changed (of course) and the chance of rain will go away after tomorrow morning. On the proverbial third hand, this may mean a motorcycle ride tomorrow!

Off to bed. We've got an early morning tomorrow. Chris leaves for a week at Scout camp. That explains why Paul and I will get to take the bike out for a ride tomorrow, weather permitting.

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6/17/2006 10:56:41 PM
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