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The end of the week comes, and I am SO ready for the four-day weekend! Yep, that means updating may be sporadic (again) next week, but Paul, Chris and I need the time to prep for SoonerCon. We're finally getting things firmed up with them, and it looks like we'll be doing a little workshop/show on Sunday. Come if you're in OKC. We need the warm bodies!

I'm still following the drama at Wikipedia. It's amazing. Karen (linked on left) does a much better job of explaining this as she's been directly involved with the edits. Me, I mostly sit on the sidelines and eat popcorn. ;-)

Our coffee friend J. is back in town from France. I haven't seen her since her November visit. She dropped by while we were painting the house and we were dirty and sweaty and must have looked a sight! When we walked up to the Starbucks for coffee, Mrs. G., Chris' elementary school music teacher, was also there. She'd just happened by. What a great reunion! Mrs. G. was glad to hear that Chris is in the Varsity Choir. She also told us that she'd recently retired. Darn. I'd missed that note in the school district e-mails. We'd have gone to the school for her retirement party, or at least dropped her a note.

Went out to Herrera's for dinner tonight. Good stuff. And you'll be glad to know that before I let the day get away I finally made the appointment for my diagnostic imaging. There's nothing wrong; this is the mammogram and a baseline bone density scan. As is typical, the doctor's order got buried on my desk and I uncovered it last night. Oops.

Okay, it's pushing ten, I've got laundry and a Feline Friday to post. If I'm not back before Wednesday, have an enjoyable (long) holiday weekend!

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6/30/2006 9:29:05 PM
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