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Attack of the ants!

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Ugh. Chris' room got invaded today. In this heat the ants come indoors looking for moisture and cooler conditions. We've been in and moved a lot of the furniture, cleaned up the ant mess, and sprayed. There's still plenty of teen mess to deal with, and I don't hold out hope that Chris will even make a dent in it.

More unpleasantness at Wikipedia overnight. I hate it when people act like four year-olds and then have the temerity to characterize their screaming temper tantrums as "intelligent discourse." Yeesh.

I've decided to get a set of macro filters for my camera. I had a decent set for my old SLR, but they don't fit the Olympus. If I'm lucky I may have them in time for the weekend.

Speaking of photography, I'll be hosting Feline Friday this week while Steven takes a break. Next week Carly will host. (She's got some great cat pictures up right now.)

Tomorrow is the Round Robin challenge, so I need to get busy on that.

I got some strange spam in my inbox today - aimed at writers. It went to two of my e-mail addresses, so someone has been harvesting addresses. I forwarded it to the FTC. There appeared to be a removal mechanism, but yeesh.

There's a picture to post, and then I'm off to the store.

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7/25/2006 3:24:44 PM
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