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Oh, my head!

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DIY plumbing and I do not mix. Yesterday the shower head bracket fell apart when I went to replace said head. (Oh, the massage feels so good on the back!) Yeah, I should have just gone out and plunked the money down on a new shower head. This one has lasted far longer than I expected. But no, I had to try and repair it. It looked okay; it even worked okay for a few minutes until it flew off the wall and hit me on the head. Suffice it to say that I was Not Amused - until I realized that I could have been facing the wall on which the shower head is mounted and the thing could have been propelled off the wall and into my face. Now I have a lovely headache, and I have to go in for my annual exam in an hour. Perhaps the headache will take my mind off of the other aspects of the exam.

I managed to get a few things done yesterday, but not nearly everything on the list. The ink in the all-in-one machine has been changed. I did manage a picture. Yet, I still have a pile o' stuff on my desk. I need to clear things off so I can do the Round Robin today. My desk seemed a perfect spot to do the pictures, but not if it's piled with papers.

The handbag run turned out to be a bust. I'm looking for something just a little larger than what I have now, but with places inside to store stuff so it doesn't rattle around. Since I have to carry reading glasses and an asthma inhaler in addition to the other necessities a teeny purse won't do. But I don't want a giant bag, either. There's very little in betwee that doesn't either look like something Hyacinth Bucket would carry or something I carried in high school. I shall press on and find something.

The real problem was simply getting outdoors yesterday. Between the heat, the humidity, and the lack of sleep, I couldn't stay out very long without feeling very sleepy. Of course, I couldn't sleep once I got home. Don't worry; I managed to get some rest last night.

Speaking of last night, it was open house night at the school, so I did my duty and went with the kid. Didn't learn a lot, but I was able to put names with teacher faces. That's always a good thing. The sunset picture from last night was looking west from the campus.

Last night I was also reminded that the school district has finally caught up with the others in the area and now offers real-time grades. Until now we could only get grades online the day report cards were issued. I went to the web site, logged in, and got an error. Apparently all parents have to re-register this year. So I did. It will take up to five business days for the school district to send me a login. My tax dollars at work.

Oops. It's time to head out. Think of me sprawled out on the table ... on second thought, don't.

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8/22/2006 10:00:14 AM
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