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Well, coffee was indeed therapeutic. But I came home to a truckload of work and didn't finish until well after three. No cutting cloaks for me today. But speaking of cloaks, look at this lace:

Cool, huh?

I should be able to get two cloaks out of it.

Got a start on laundry and have some steaks in the marinade. Oh, I love a sale on steaks!

So yeah, the heat has been typical for August, but it just seems worse since we're in a drought. The picture above gives a bit of a clue as to the state of things. The electric bills are the worst. I figured the bills would drop significantly since we got a new heating and A/C system. They would have, except for a small problem. The price of natural gas went up 40% after the two hurricanes hit. TXU implemented an emergency rate increase and hasn't seen fit to lower the rates since, even though the cost of natural gas is back down. So while I like back and think of Texas when the electric bill arrives, I suppose I should be glad that it isn't as bad as it could have been with the old system.

Speaking of energy prices, I got gas for $2.59 a gallon today. That's a very low price in this neck o' the woods. A year ago with Katrina bearing down, prices hit the $3.00 mark. You'd think that gas would be cheap where I live, but no. Because of the pollution we have to pay extra for a "special" formulation that's supposed to help reduce emissions. Barring any catastrophes the price really ought to drop over the winter when we get a less expensive formulation.

Keeping with the heat motif, I decided to take a look at the weather forecast. My try icon shows 99F, but the outdoor thermometer registers 106F. Either way you look at it, it's hot. The good news is that temperatures are supposed to hit the lower 90s on Monday. I'm not holding my breath. Still, at that point the A/C can almost keep up. There's even a chance of rain. Shame on the NWS, taunting us like that.

Well, it's about time to start dinner, but I will post Feline Friday before I run. Again, have a good weekend.

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8/25/2006 5:10:34 PM
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