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Well. I didn't get nearly as much done yesterday as I had planned, but I did have an interesting diversion. I went out to the garage to find my bag of pre-cut interfacing and discovered enough heavy brown twill to make two cloaks. So I moved the furniture around and cut that fabric out. Now I've got enough on hand to make eight cloaks. Since I need to get busy sewing, this will be short.

A quick note to certain people over at LJ (and you know who you are): Loud and obnoxious whining about not getting invited to a party is certain to get you not invited to any other party. Got it?

Speaking of LJ, here's an interesting bit on convention panel etiquette.

And another link: Clicked has a new home at Clicked is on my daily must-read list. Must be nice to get to do that for a living. Need a hand, Will? ;-)

Well, I do have a lot of stuff to do. I'll post a picture, then move along. Nothing more to see here.

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8/29/2006 10:16:16 AM
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