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I've not said a lot about 9/11 in the journal. What is there to say? I wasn't there, but I did watch events unfold on TV. This morning we put out the flag at close to the time the first plane hit the WTC. I remember that I didn't fly my flag on the first anniversary - not out of any lack of patriotism. It rained. It may rain today.

I found a journal entry on my computer that I wrote a few days after the attack: So now all God’s chillun’s are going to war. (That's a riff on a line from Duck Soup, if you're curious.)

This morning we flipped on the TV as usual. Of course, somber-faced journalists dressed in black spoke in Serious Tones. Elsewhere it was business as usual. We jumped in the car and the radio was still set to the station that aired the Cowboys game yesterday. The morning shock jock was nattering on about a guy who caused a wreck because he was too busy using a pump on a certain bit of his anatomy to pay attention to the road. O-kay. We saw a pickup truck with large Texas and US flags flying from the rear. I nearly slammed into another pickup truck whose driver refused to give right-of-way. Yep, business as usual.

And you'll have to forgive me if I seem just a little self-obsessed today myself. The test results are in, and everything is NOT fine, though it could be so much worse. I'm going to visit the doctor in a couple of hours and he's going to show me lots of charts and graphs and pictures with circles and arrows on the front and a paragraph on the back of each one explaining just what they want to do to me. So yeah, this is a bit of a surreal day.

I need to get a little work out of the way before I head out. Don't know if I'll manage a picture today. I've got errands to run before the next round of rain moves in. Yes, more rain. Hooray!

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9/11/2006 9:03:53 AM
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