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Hope I didn't scare anyone too much with that disembodied head yesterday. That's from an LP by Leonard Nimoy called Space Odyssey. Certain members of original cast of Star Trek are certainly not the first celebrities to try their hand at singing, but I suppose that for better or worse, they're the most infamous.

Some Trek cast members actually could sing. I believe DeForest Kelley did some Broadway before his Trek days. (DesLily?) Scott Bakula also performed on Broadway in the Tony Award-winning Romance, Romance. And of course, he showed his chops on Quantum Leap. Brent Spiner has had mixed success in the singing field. Even Nimoy has done some musical theatre, but whoever had the idea that he should do albums as Spock should have been fed to the Klingons. Well, perhaps not. We would have such gems as The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins. (Link to YouTube of the video!).

This LP containst that song, a slightly psychadellic Trek theme played on an electric organ, and other odd bits. I suppose "Baggins" is the most infamous song from the group.

And then there's William Shatner. His Rocket Man is legendary. The link is to a YouTube video that brings a new meaning to "high as a kite." Need I say more?

And since I was asked, yes, I own a turntable. Two, in fact. Once upon a time I hosted a comedy program for a satellite radio station. The show was produced in our living room using two turntables, a cassette recorder, and a CD player. Might be fun to go dig up those tapes and turn 'em into podcasts. I've also been toying with the idea of doing a podcast with some of the really bad celebrity singing I've collected over the years. Could be fun.

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9/12/2006 9:17:39 AM
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