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I don't know. Ask me about Thursday of next week.

We upgraded my computer over the weekend. I think it's going to scream when I'm finished. But first I have to get everything reinstalled and reloaded.

This was not the smoothest of upgrades. We were sold the wrong memory, which we discovered after much wailing and gnashing of teeth and banging of heads upon desks. Who needs a Klingon mask when you can just keep hitting your head on the desk?

Uh, I don't. Thanks.

Now I have a shiny AMD 64 X2 4600 and PCI-E All-in-Wonder video card. Shiny and pretty and all that. Now I just need to get it all to work. Before that, I need to install my invoicing software so I can do that bit of business.

The schedule for Fencon is out (linky on left) and wow, have I got a lot to do. It should be a lot of fun. If you're at Fencon, please stop me and say "hi." I'll be the one with the harried look on her face. Wait: That would be anyone on the concom. We're hosting a House Party on Friday night, so drop in!

Chris had his final Mannerchor concert on Saturday. I thought they sounded good, but today he told me that they listened to the recording and all of them just cringed. The boys attempted a jazz tune for their final number. I thought they did a good job, all things considered, but they are perfectionists. That's okay.

How 'bout them Cowboys? The whooped up on the Redskins last night. These teams have bad blood going way back. The boys needed this win.

Okay, I've got to get back to work. Need to do invoicing, printing, scanning, installing, copying, and more.

Again, blogging will be sporadic until Wednesday or Thursday of next week. I'm not even going to do the Round Robin this week. (Of course, you all know what my dream "House" is...)

Take care, and I'l be back for a long (and hopefully coherent) ramble on the flipside of Fencon and the surgery. Short updates before then, I hope.

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9/18/2006 3:42:08 PM
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