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Yep, still swamped. No RR's for me this week. As much as I wanted to participate, I just knew that I couldn't swing it this time around. I think I made the right call, but I'd rather be posting pictures. There's a link to the challenge on the left.

Speaking of pictures, I've got a bit of an excursion planned tomorrow. I hope to take a fair number of pictures, weather permitting. May not get them posted until next week.

The better, stronger, faster PC is still not exactly stable. Beta hardware drivers will do that. I don't have sound for some odd reason. Paul thinks the card may be loose. That's kind of low on the priority list for now.

Speaking of priorites, I've got to sit down and make a list. Check it twice. Or perhaps three times. I can do that during bowling. Yeah, as much as I could use the time to do other things I am going bowling. It's my stress buster. Besides, I won't be there next week due to the surgery, not to mention that I'll be shot if I don't show up today.

Bowling has been ... interesting. I'm bowling fairly well in the morning, but can't do squat at night. Last week I started off with a 224 yet didn't make my average on the night. Ugh.

Got most of the music together for the "Golden Throats" panel on Saturday, and late last night the last of the scripts got printed. Monday we made the barf bags. Barf bags, you ask? Ah. We've chosen some awful music, so we thought that as a public service we should have bags available.

That's all the news that's fit to type - at least all the news I can remember to type. May not be back until after Fencon, but will try and blog from the convention if I can. Take care.

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9/20/2006 8:37:24 AM
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