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This will be quick; I must leave for my pre-op in a few minutes.

Fencon was fun. The real surprise for me came during the blogging panel when one of the audience members cried out, "YOU'RE Stately Barrett Manor!" That was cool. If you're reading this (I'm sorry I didn't get your name) contact me if you'd like me to come talk to your class about blogging and web programmimg.

The Crimes Against Literature panel was standing room only. Very cool. The only problem is that there was some confusion as to the nature of the panel. The description was rewritten after the panelists had agreed to participate, but thanks to Rachel and Julia, the panel was well-received.

If that happens next year, feel free to flog me. I've agreed to take over programming duties for the next Fencon.

Shoot me now.

We had a grand time at the House party and our audio performace went over amazingly well. We had so many compliments on it. Glad you guys enjoyed it. Hopefully we'll get to do another next year. (We do other conventions. If you're on a concom and would like the GRW to participate, please drop me a line.)

Thanks for the birthday wishes. Sorry I haven't had a chance to respond. As I noted last week, I went on a bit of a road trip on Thursday to pick Alan Dean Foster up from another location here in Texas. It was a long drive, but he entertained me with stores the whole trip.

I've got a few things to wrap up before I leave the house. Perhaps I can post a picture or two from the road trip later today. Thanks, as usual, for dropping by!

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9/25/2006 9:40:52 AM
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