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The weekend approacheth. And there will be much rejoicing.

I think I've got an idea for the next RR. If I can make it work, then I'll drop in an RSVP over the weekend.

Creatively, I've been going wild this week. I guess it's becuase I'm past the stress of the surgery. I've got an idea for NaWriNoMo (That's National Write a Novel Month). The door to my office is rapidly getting covered with sticky index cards. We'll see if I can pull it off. I've also had some more ideas for photography that I can sell.

Now if I can just pull this off...

The AC guys came today to check out the system and change the filter. Everything seems to running okay.

There will be a Feline Friday entry later. I've got to get out and run major errands first. Must buy food, cat supplies, AND pay for my PO Box rental so I can get checks. Once that's done I get to crash!

Enjoy your weekend!

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9/29/2006 2:23:59 PM
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