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...or, Any Excuse to NOT Clean My Desk!

No, I really am working on the desk. Yesterday I spent some serious time catching up on so I could clear a stack of papers on which I'd scribbled notes and quotes. I knew that if I filed them away that it would be that much longer before I got around to catching up on the site, so I just bit the virtual bullet and got busy. Those papers are put away. As a bonus, I managed to reogranize the associated files. Scary, huh?

I've still got a stack of folders on the copier; I just have to decide where they'll go. Some are writing-related items, so I've got a spot for them. I just have to get the energy to together to file the darned things. The rest are for Fencon. I have to decide where all that is going to live.

That will come very close to clearning the desk. My next task - once I get my copy out of the way - is to return to editing pictures. I spent quite a bit of time Friday evening editing, but the heat buildup in my PC was just too much. I guess I'll have to add a fan under the desk until I find a case that I like at a good price.

Saturday was meeting day - it was time for the Fencon wrap-up event. We discussed what went wrong - and right - this year and how we can improve for next year. It was a long meeting, but there was much to discuss. I've said this before but this is a great group to work with. I've been on comcoms from hell, and it's really refreshng to work with a group that can achieve consensus without acrimony.

I did take time out to watch the Cowboys game yesterday. The least said about that the better.

Friday night I picked up a 2 GB card for the camera. I'm starting to do a lot more shooting in RAW mode, and my 512 just doesn't cut it. The picture I'll post in a bit was shot in RAW mode. The cool thing about RAW is that I have more control over my pictures than ever before. The downside is that they take up a LOT of space. I sense a new disk drive in my future.

Fall Break is over, and now it's time to get back into the rut. I need to go earn a little money, then it's back to the desk, then back to the pictures.

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10/9/2006 9:16:31 AM
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