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It's rant day - with a few good things thrown in.

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Interesting article on this morning about the lack of customer service these days. The author tells his own story of attempting to get help to register some security software. The company wanted $29 before they'd help him. Unbefarkingleiveable. He did manage to find free help, but that is totally insane.

Both of my loyal readers (grin) have follwed my cell phone sagas. It shouldn't be this difficult to get what we paid for. And here's another via on spam text messages and how they may be big trouble for the wireless industry. Yep, that's another sore spot with me. After I posted my tale of attempting to get money back from a wireless spammer, I noticed a spike in my referral logs - others were having the same problems with this company. I'm sure the wireless carriers make something off of these third-party premium services, but they should also hold these companies accountable for their shoddy business practices before it all blows back up on them. Perhaps they're making enough money that they don't care.

I don't know. I do hope that consumers stop taking this cr@p.

On the topic of spam, is it just me or is there more spam in the inbox lately? Not only that, more spam seems to be avoiding my filters. And now may lose their domain name. This is so not good. They've been sued by a company that claims they got on the Spamhaus blacklist even though they don't send spam. Interesting story.

Here's a guy who is phasing out his MySpace and Facebook accounts. The gist of the article is that young people are seeking more "face-to-face" time.

Shortly after I saw that yesterday, someone on my LiveJournal friends list posted a short screen bemoaning the state of fanfiction. I've got to agree. Again. The fanfiction archives have been taken over by teenagers writing bad pr0n. Not only that, but when they're not writing bad pr0n, they're congratulation others on their bad pr0n writing skillz. Who cares about plot, grammar, or spelling as long as the story has plenty of teh hawt stuff?

I agree with P.N. Elrod - those who have no experience probably shouldn't be writing sex scenes. For the love of Pete, if you don't have any experience but want to write a sex scene, please READ the good stuff first.

Speaking of sex (it's just one segue after another, isn't it?), I watched Casanova on PBS the other night. Wow! The screen play was by Russell T. Davies, who is now in charge of Dr Who for the BBC. The young Casanova is played by current Dr Who David Tennant. I can't help but wonder if this led to his being cast in the part. It was also fun to see Dervla Kerwin as Casanova's mother, not to mention Peter O'Toole as the aged lover. It doesn't always work for me when the writers and producers try to lend a modern touch to an old work, but it does work for Casanova. I was hooked in the opening scene, when the young Casanova called for his horse, jumped off the balcony, and missed his steed. His "oh, bugger!" not only hit the mark, but set the pace for the story. Lots of fun.

And now I move on to something else good: It's raining! We've had a good, soaking rain for the last couple of hours. Looks like we're in for another two hours or so of the stuff. It's dreary, lousy weather for taking pictures, but we need the rain.

Dang. We just had a loud burst of thunder. As long as the power doesn't go out.

Back to work.

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10/10/2006 9:40:27 AM
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