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All the diodes down my left side

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Marvin, the perpetually-depressed robot from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, complained that all the diodes down his left side ached. I guess I slept funny last night - if at all. It was a night full of tossing and turning and odd dreams. Perhaps that episode of Boston Legal contributed. The sight of William Shatner sitting on James Spader's face is enough to induce bad dreams.

Today I'm just ... depressed. Cloaks aren't selling, I'm feeling dubious about the photos, and to top it all off I think I may be losing a long-term client. The latter is just one of those things. Turnover in the creative biz is common. Still, I hate for this to happen at a time when I'm not feeling particularly good about myself.

Wait a minute. When am I ever feeling particularly good about myself? Not terribly often. It's true: I have an almost terminal case of low self-esteem. It's a disease that seems to plague creative-types. I can either let it send me into a terrible blue funk or use my weakness to my advantage and keep pushing. I prefer the latter. Yet, some days I just have to let the funk take over, have a good cry, and get it out of my system. Then I feel much better, thank you very much.

We've had a slight shift in the weather. The rain has brought cooler temperatures. We may actually get into the 40s tomorrow night. I probably should bring the new aloe transplants in or cover them up, but I suspect everything else will survive. This is Fall's way of sticking its fingers in its ears, wiggling its fingers, and saying, "nyeah, nyeah!" We'll be back in the 80s next week.

Chris still won't give me any of his pictures to post, but he's now set up a Deviant Art account. You can see his photography and other work there.

It's time for me to strap on the shoes and go bowling. Dang, I hope I can lift the ball this morning. I've been off of the morning league for the last two weeks; first with the surgery and then for Fall Break. Our evening league did bowl last week and I had a decent night. I'm not expecting much today; I just hurt too much. Hopefully I'll remember to take an Ibuprofen or two before I leave the house.

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10/11/2006 8:39:25 AM
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