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The rain raineth.

Or something like that.

We recorded well over an inch of rain at DFW yesterday, and it wouldn't surprise me if we had a couple more before the day is out. And boy, do we need it. This round of rain has been fast and heavy, and as a result the park down the street is flooded. Last week we were shaking our heads over the low water levels at the pond.

This isn't a drought buster by any means, but it will certainly help our lake levels.

Chris had his Order of the Arrow Ordeal (yep, Ordeal is capitalized) over the weekend and came home dead tired but with his sash in hand.

Paul and I spent the weekend working on various projects. I now have a new case for my computer, and we spent some time working on our next GRW show. Yesterday we zoned out on front of the television and watched the Cowboys pull out a big win.

Had a couple of cloaks sell over the weekend. Much rejoicing. Now if one of the buyers would just pay up!

And now we're having political fun in Texas yet again. One candidate for State Comptroller is bashing a romance novel written by his opponent over fifteen years ago as pornography. Yeah, it's a little steamy, but this is the kind of stuff available at the supermarket. But hey, why discuss issues when you can bash your opponent?

Politics is rapidly becoming the number one spectator sport in Texas. Football? That's our state religion.

Am back to having fitful nights of sleep. This kind of thing comes and goes, but the quality of the lack of sleep suggests that a writing tear is on the way. I don't mean just sitting down for my BIC time, either. Stuff tends to come in bursts for me. I'll have a dry spell followed by a flurry of work. Don't know why it works that way, but I suppose that I just have to accept it.

Found some issues with the Scribble area of the site last night, so I guess I'll spend a little time on that this morning. I'm too tired to fling fabric around right now, although I need to do it. My shoulder hurts again. I've got to get a new pillow. I think that may have something to do with it.

Nothing for my Monday client this morning. The break is good, but a paycheck is nice! I'll bet that there will be something this afternoon.

I've got a picture to post, then I'll get busy on site updates.

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10/16/2006 9:43:48 AM
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