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I ache, therefor I am.

This afternoon I finished the last cloak of the Halloween rush. Now I get to start cleaning up. Believe me, that will be a monumental task. I've to sewing crap everywhere. Just the act of getting the big table down and out of the way will help.

I did relax as promised yesterday - mostly. The cloak auctions ended late so I had to be up to manage those. We also decided to stop in on the last day of a going out of business sale at a local music store and brought home a nice feedback suppression unit at 10% of retail. Chris was telling his music theory teacher (who is also an AV geek) about it, and the teacher said he wasn't happy with the sound quality when he had it running. I don't think that's going to be much of a problem for our audio theatre group, especially since we plan to run a separate feed to a recording.

Geekery. Sorry about that.

Had a plesant surprise on Saturday when I decided to try on the dress I made three years ago for a GRW production - it fit! Not only that, but it was a little on the loose side. Now I have to decide whether I want to take it in a bit. When I made the dress it was all I could do to fit into it with the help of industrial-strength foundation garments. Now it's loose!

Best get moving before my back freezes up again. I mostly hurt from flinging fabric around for days. I'll be fine. I'll post a pic from the archives. Tags:
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10/23/2006 4:55:58 PM
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