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If you thought the peanuts were creepy...

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I was going to title this If you thought my nuts were creepy... but that's just so wrong.

You can blame it on two more entries to the Disturbing Food Mascots section. I'm still working out some of the navigation kinks, but it'll get there.

Bowling was ... interesting. I refer you to last week's post about lane conditions for a primer. This week it was too little oil. I had a terrible time adjusting. Finally, on the last game last night I just gave up and tried a really bizarre shot. I'll spare you the rest of the bowling geekery. Instead I'll just tell you that it worked. My last game was a 203. On a 168 average.

There probably won't be a picture today; the web updates are enough. I've got to quit procrastinating and get back to cleaning house.

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10/26/2006 11:13:06 AM
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