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Well, it's been an interesting weekend on the writing scams front. Other than that, it's been housework time! I spent Saturday cleaning the living room, and yesterday on the kitchen. I'd been (mostly) been keeping up with stuff like vacuuming and dusting, but things tend to get in disarray rather quickly around here. Could the fact that we have a teenager have something to do with it?


Tonight is our first DI meeting. This year should be interesting - we're going to try going the independent route. I'm hoping that the team members bring money so we can register. I've decided not to register the team until I have money in hand, which shows a commitment from the kids.

Part of the cleaning was in preparation for tonight's meeting, and part was Stage 1 of The Big Push for Thanksgiving. It looks as though I'll be hosting a meal again, so I've got to make room for the crowd. Last year I made the mistake of doing all of my cleaning the week before Thanksgiving, and I nearly did myself in. This year will be different.

Famous last words.

I had a cloak payment bounce today. This is why I don't send a product until the payment has cleared. This was an eBay transaction, so now I have to go file to get my fees back. Big sigh. I did send the buyer one last message to give them the chance to complete the transaction or do a mutual withdrawal. Yeah, maybe I'm too nice, but this buyer was communicative until a week ago, so I should keep that in mind.

Must go get ready for the meeting.

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10/30/2006 4:08:16 PM
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