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Four more years of the same old schtuff here in Texas - but without a clear mandate. Our incumbent governor won with only about 40% of the vote. Yep, 60% voted against him, but with three candidates (two of whom were independent), it was difficult for anyone to beat the incumbent.

I'm sure the big power companies are heaving a sigh of relief. They got what they paid for.

No time to write much else this morning. Had a late rehearsal last night. Got some kind of disturbing news earlier in the evening, followed by a robocall that I almost didn't answer. Turned out to be the company handling graduation announcements. Apparently they just sent the order forms out, but they're due back like now - with a huge deposit. I'm afraid to look at the form. If $80 is merely a deposit, what is it going to cost to send out announcements to friends and family? This is insane.

Nope. Not in a good mood today. No sir, not one bit.

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11/8/2006 8:43:13 AM
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