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The class of 007 and other nightmares

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Got a look at the order packet for graduation announcements yesterday. It's not just announcements. They're pushing packages of crap that start at $129 - oh, and that doesn't include the cap and gown, which also must be ordered now. Fortunately, there is an a la carte option.

Let's take a look at the presumably high profit items they're pushing at kids:

Class of 2007 wearable stuff. Dorm pants, boxer shorts, shirts. Of course, there's the jewelry. All astonishingly overpriced.

Memory books in every shape, size and color. How many ways can you display photographs? They've got you covered!

The "status" items. Just the word "status" says it all, doesn't it? Get "07" encrusted in cheap faux diamonds. Why have a boring single color tassel when you can have a multi-colored "status" tassel? And don't forget the "status" jewlery and the rapper dog tag.

I have a funny feeling that I can get most of this stuff for less (and better quality) if I shop on my own.

It also crossed my mind that they're missing out on the most amazing promotional opportunity: The class of 007! Bond. James Bond. Defender of the free world. The first kid on the block with the coolest gadgets ever. Okay, he's also someone who likes is vodka martinis shaken and not stirred, and apparently refuses to practice safe sex. Wouldn't go over in my conservative, red state. But still...

Speaking of nightmares, I had a bizarre one last night. The setting was an old house that had been turned into an expensive restaurant. One of the kitchen staff had been murdered. For some reason I was there to investigate. I wasn't a cop, but since when were dreams logical? My first stop was the dining room, where a group of middle-aged mystery writers sat at a booth. "Oh, you're here to investigate? Oh, yes, we've read your work," they said with a condescending sneer. Then I went and bumbled all over the crime scene and woke up at my usual 20 minutes before the alarm time.

Yep, my work in progress is crap and my dreams are telling me so. But the WIP is supposed to be crap at this stage. It's really okay. I hope.

Now I must go secret myself away, turn off the e-mail, brew up another pot of coffee (and hope the coffee maker holds out, but that's another tale) and see how many words I can crank out today. Yesterday's astounding total: Zero. Well, not really zero. I laid groundwork and wrote a lot of notes. So progress of a sort was made.

Have fun. I won't! ;-)

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11/9/2006 8:59:36 AM
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