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Zomg! I've got The Beatles in 5.1! We picked up Love over the weekend. Some tracks have more surround sound than others, but overall the music is just so clean and crisp. If you have surround sound, and you like The Beatles, check it out.

I promised to write about the new coffee maker. We ended up with this Cuisinart model:


Something about that coffe maker nagged at the back of my mind. It makes a darned good cup of coffee, and I love the retro design. But where had I seen it before? Oh, yes: The chrome model graces the Diagnostic Medicine office in House! They cover the nameplate with a sign, so I decided to do a little graphics work and came up with this:


I've moved our sign to a nearby cabinet because it covers up the controls. We had looked at the chrome model, but decided to go with matte black because it goes better with our kitchen appliance color scheme, such as it is. Our fridge and microwave are white, the stove is black and white, and the mixer and coffee grinder are fire engine red. You can see a bit of the coffee grinder above.

We did make it out to lunch with my side of the family on Saturday. After the meal I repotted a plant for my mom and promptly had an asthma attack, which forced me to come home for a breathing treatment. Lovely. I hope to get my lungs cleared out by tomorrow. A very nasty cold front is scheduled to hit on Wednesday, with a low in the 20s. Right now it's 68F with a predicted low tonight of 60F. But wait! There's a chance of snow on Thursday! It's gonna be ugly for about a week.

What did I say? Fall lasts about two weeks around here.

I'm off to listen to I'm Sorry, I Haven't A Clue, then get down to writing. Have a good one.

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11/27/2006 12:39:35 PM
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