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Score one for the scam busters

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Victoria Strauss reports that Martha Ivery has been sentenced to 65 months plus three years probation for various crimes including mail fraud. Read the Writer Beware Alert for more background.

In a nutshell, Ivery charged fees up-front for services that were often never rendered. The SFWA link (including the indictment) makes for interesting reading.

Many kudos to A.C. Strauss, Victoria Crispin, the SFWA, and the FBI and other law enforcement agencies for pursuing this case.

Writer Beware (linked on the main journal page) is an arm of the Science Fiction Writers of America. Don't let the "Science Fiction" part turn you off. They investigate any publisher or agent or service, no matter what genre is involved. They are respected by writers and publishers everywhere. Ann and Victoria do an amazing job.

Before my morning coffee gets cold, allow me to raise it in a toast. You go, ladies!

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11/30/2006 8:22:42 AM
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