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Well. I've been swamped with work. At some point you may be able to see some of the fruits of my current labor, but don't hold your breath.

This morning was COLD. Well, that's a relative term, as Chris and I discussed this morning. He saw that our thermometer reported 28F, so he immediately got on and checked the temperature at his school. The reported temperature there was 24F. That, he decided, was too cold. As we were warming up the car and scraping ice, I asked him what he'd do in February, when it routinely got down to 19 or so. He'd deal with it - just like he did last year.

No answer for that one. Sometimes Mom does know best!

If you're in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, the crew from Stately Barrett Manor will be working the KERA pledge drive on Sunday night along with the folks from The British Emporium. Hopefully I'll be hiding somewhere in the back. If the camera pans over the group and the lens cracks, then you'll know you've seen me!

It's short, but I must get back to work. Feline Friday is next. Thanks for visiting, and have a great weekend!

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12/1/2006 6:45:40 PM
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