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Fast update; Feline Friday here!

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Whew! It's been a busy day. I've been printing Catmas cards like mad. Well, in between bouts of running to the office supply for more ink! It looks like I'll have the card ready to post in time for Feline Friday. In the meantime, you can see our past Catmas cards elsewhere on the site.

Speaking of Feline Friday, it looks like I'll be hosting this week. So come on over with your kitty pics and other feline-related posts!

Gosh, and Round Robin is tomorrow, isn't it? I've got a picture. I hope I'll have time to get that entry together.

I spent some time this afternoon working on until I heard back from a client on a project. Now it's full speed ahead on the project. I may not get to post as much as I'd like over the next few days, but that's the life of a freelancer.

There's a little more to report on that canceled convention I mentioned yesterday. Apparently tickets started at $229, and there are plenty of people who seem to be out at least $500 or more not including airfare and hotel. That hurts just to think about it. I once was on concom for a convention that came darned close to being called off. Fortunately for us, we'd have had plenty of notice - there was an earthquake a month before the event! FEMA (back when they kicked some serious *ss) moved in and took virtually all of the remaining hotel rooms. It was a scramble, but we did it.

Ah. Company's here. Need to go back to cooking dinner.

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12/12/2006 7:16:20 PM
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