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Back to school

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And back to what passes for normal in terms of schedules.

Woke up this morning to rain. There's standing water in the park down the street and the water level at the pond is as high as I've seen it in some time. This is good news in terms of the drought.

Drove in the gloom down to the school. Looked at the expanse of athletic fields and parking lots and then over to the tight cluster of buildings huddled together like a group of smokers outside of an office building. Even the gym and indoor practice field (you read that right) are set apart from the rest of the buildings as though they expect to catch cooties from academia.

For a look at how academics rates in some schools around here, check out this Newsweek article on a cheerleader scandal in a city just north of us. Or watch the video. (Warning: there are some descriptions that may not be safe for work.) Think a kid who aced the SAT would get away with that?

This is going to be short as I'm typing with an injury. I managed to really do in my wrist last night at bowling. The brace makes it difficult to type, so pardon the typos. And me with a ton of writing to do today. Joy.

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1/4/2007 11:06:11 AM
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