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The ice cometh not, man

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Here we are, hunkered indoors in fear of another "winter weather event" that so far hasn't materialized. We have ice to the north, ice to the south, ice to the west, but nothing here and points east.

It's not that I want ice, but it's the uncertainty of it all. Last night I made a run to the store because the updated forecast called for ice through Monday morning. The current forecast still says that, but so far nothing but rain. No complaints on that front. We need the rain.

So far the year has been busy. No time to take pictures (not that the weather has cooperated), very little time to read other blogs, and no time to kick back and relax.

Today I have more work to do, though I may try to get out of the house for a bit since the roads haven't iced up. We'll see what happens in the next twenty or thirty minutes.

If it does ice up I'll post some pics later. That would be a good excuse to get out and shoot.

Oh, and we have a new CatCam. Check it out.

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1/14/2007 11:35:13 AM
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