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Well, today was fun - not.

Actually, it was in some respects. Prior journal entries for today bear this out. I ran out of the house (left the WIP on the printer, but took a book instead) to hit the tire shop before school let out. This is the first time in years that I've used the road hazard warranty on a tire. Back when we drove a sports car the road hazard warranty was my friend. That car had low-profile tires that would burst if someone looked at them funny. I more than got my money's worth, which is why I don't feel like I've wasted my money on the warranty since.

I got down to the shop, paperwork in hand, and the salesguy walked out to the car and took a look at the tire. He suspected a small hole or a bad valve, either of which would be covered. Someone would have to take a look and confirm that I didn't abuse the tire (boy, did that bring up some strange mental images), but in any case it shouldn't take them long to repair or exchange it. Great. So, he asked, where's the lug nut key?

It had to be in the trunk. Right? RIGHT?!?!? We never found the thing. This isn't the first time this has happened. I called Paul, just on the off chance he'd put the key somewhere safe. Nope, but he did suggest I go check the parking space where he changed the tire the other night. The salesguy took the tire and my phone number while I went off in search of the key.

The tire went flat at Fry's. We just happened to be parked at the front edge of the lot, so I found a space and walked over to where Paul had changed the tire. Of course, two groups of people walked up to their cars at that time and wondered about the crazy lady looking around their vehicles. I reassured them that I wasn't interested in their cars or their personal possessions; I just wanted to find my lug key.

Of course, I didn't find it.

I dropped by the Post Office, ran home to make a deposit slip for the check I found in the box, and went to grab Chris. Yes, the check considerably lightened my mood. We popped the check in the bank and went across town to the dealer and got a lock. Then it was back to the tire store to get the tire put back on the car. There was indeed a small hole and they repaired it at no charge. I'm out $20 for the key, but it had to be done.

That was a couple hours lost. No real progress on the book or the WIP. I did (as you see in the picture in the last entry) go over the casting notes for the show.

I've been listening to BBC radio programs all week in preparation for this show. No, we're not doing any British radio, but I find that listening to BBC dramas and comedies (as opposed to American OTR) gives me a bit of a different angle on the roles I'll be playing.

Roles? Yes, indeedy! I've got speaking parts! More on that later. Round Robin tomorrow!

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1/23/2007 6:28:28 PM
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