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Yesterday was one of those "full of energy" days. Chris didn't have to be at school until after noon because it was a testing day for the state exit exam. I honestly wish that they'd exempt seniors who had passed the exit exam from the entire day of school. But no, they had to compress an entire day of school into four hours. I guess they can't really exempt all those seniors because the district loses funds from the state. The state needs to come up with a way to exempt seniors from an entire day of school AND provide funding.

Okay, off the soap box.

So yeah, I was busy yesterday. First I cleaned the patio door - both the windows and the tracks. Yeech. They tend to get muddy. Next, I took a look at the blinds and decided they needed to be replaced. That would be for the afternoon.

My next task was to work on the CatCam gadget. Still not working properly. Then I got an e-mail message in regards to a site I administer - the guestbook was choked with spam. I cleared that out and banned a bunch of IP addresses. Then made lunch and got the kid off to school.

Next stop, Target. They no longer carry vertical blinds. Oh, I can get Roman shades in every color. Not good for a patio door. Went across the street to Kohl's. No luck, but I did buy some new oven mitts. Big purchase. Hit the grocery store (ouch!) for some food for dinner and some spray starch for the blinds.

Went home and decided to wash the blinds. They're cotton, but they're a pain to wash. The drain on the machine was acting up, and that took ages to finish. So I went outside to remove the debris from an old stump that had rotted and collapsed. No termites, but I did find both ants that were moving around in the wood. Jumped into the shower, then went back outside to clean the patio furniture. I decided to replace the plastic chairs. I hadn't seen any at Target, so I went to a couple of stores. Nope. I can buy a swimsuit if I want, but no furniture on which to sunbathe in the swimsuit. Not that I'd want to do that, but you get the idea.

Went home and attacked the furniture again. It looked awful, but it would do for a planned dinner on the patio. Got Chris from school. Noticed the washer had FINALLY finished with the cycle. Put curtains in the dryer. Worked on the gadget again. No luck. Started dinner.

After dinner I ironed the blinds while Paul put them back in place. Then I spent an hour on the RR challenge.

Took something to relax the muscles and went to bed.

So how was your day?

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2/21/2007 8:52:50 AM
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