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Yes, I haven't posted since Thursday. And no, this time it isn't due to computer problems. We took off to Austin for the weekend. Boy, was it nice to get way. This wasn't exactly a last-minute trip, but Chris qualified late for a scholarship bowling tournament. We had a great time and I'll have a few pictures up on Zooomr soon.

So how is the computer doing? Well, it's mostly behaving, but I still have a few frustrating issues. For example, it locks up whenever I dock the Ipaq. Not a good thing. In fact, it doesn't seem to be happy with most storage connected directly to the computer. I can reach our shared network drive okay, though.

Oh, well. At least I can buckle down and get some work done.

I've got plenty of catching up to do, so this will be short. The weekend trip was a wonderful break, though. I hate to say it, but I slept - a lot. I needed the rest.

Hopefully I'll have some pictures before the day is out, but now I need to attack the pile o' laundry and get some work out of the way.

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3/12/2007 9:34:27 AM
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