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Well. The kid is on his way to the city so nice they named it twice - New York. I have flight numbers and will be obsessively checking the airline web site, I'm sure.

This isn't his first trip from home - he's been on Scout camping trips as far away as Colorado - but this is certainly the most distant point he's traveled without the parental units. It's also the least supervised trip. There are chaperones, but the students will be allowed to wander in groups of four. Chris can handle it. He's a good kid.

The hard part for me was dropping him off at the school and resisting the urge to give him a hug. I just got the feeling that wasn't the thing to do in front of the other kids.

Tonight he'll be sending me the link to pictures, so I'll pass along one or two good ones.

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3/15/2007 7:10:03 AM
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