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Busy weekend. Spent far to much time dealing with a persistent issue that's causing my Pocket PC not to sync with Windows Mobile Device Center. WMDC "sees" the device, but won't allow me to establish a partnership. I'm at a loss as to what to do next.

Went up to McKinney on the motorcycle Saturday. It was a little on the cold side, but not a bad ride at all. I enjoy getting out on the bike with Paul. That was our "reward" for getting up early and taking 116 pounds of old computer stuff down for recycling. Yes, this means we have managed to reclaim a bit of the office. There is more to go.

Chris had a good time in NYC. The only problem was that he left the camera behind on the bus. The tour operators are supposed to ship it back, so we'll see.

So now that I've been with Twitter for a few days, I guess I can pass a review. It's mixed. The bad part is that the site is very slow. The cool part is watching the updates from my friends on the sidebar gadget. If you want to check Twitter out, click on the badge on the left of the main page.

Well, must go pay the bills and do the checkbook and all those other mundane things. There will be a picture post first.

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3/19/2007 11:29:10 AM
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