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I know I signed up for the Round Robin list this week and my comment apparently got lost in the ether. Or eaten by Internet faeries. Or something.

Oh, well.

Bowling was not too good today. The new scoring machines are in, and they are very nice. This morning the lanes were completely blocked up with oil and I couldn't get the ball to do anything. I soaked the ball in hot soapy water for a couple of hours to draw the built-up oil out of the ball. Oil, you ask? Oil is the main component of the conditioner they put on the lanes. If you look down the lanes at the correct angle you'll see that they're very shiny/slick looking for about 2/3 of the way down. For those of us who throw a hook (curve) ball, when the ball comes out of the oil it grips the lane and starts to hook. When the ball gets too oily it won't hook. That's why I soaked it. It's like washing your face with soap and water.

Tonight it hooked - too much. I did end up making my average on the night, but it was a struggle. So it's a challenge, right?


The rain is mostly out of the forecast for tomorrow, so I hope to get a few good shots of flora and the dove. She was still on the nest today. Pretty cool.

I'm off to bed.

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3/21/2007 9:24:44 PM
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