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Well, I have my handheld syncing. Sort of.

I still can't get Windows Mobile Device Center to set up a partnership with my iPAQ. It's been quite frustrating. So after much wailing and gnashing of teeth this is what I finally did:

Installed Outlook 2007 on the notebook. As I read the license, it's legal as long as I'm the sole user and I don't use them both at the same time. Works for me. All I really need is the PST file, but Outlook may be nice on the road.

Next, I installed Sync Toy on the laptop (the laptop is an XP box) and then installed ActiveSync 4.5. The next trick was figuring out which way SyncToy worked. Was I copying from the notebook to the desktop, or vice-versa? I changed one calendar item in order to test the sync.

Next step is to close Outlook on the desktop, close ActiveSync on the notebook and run SyncToy. It's a hassle, and I don't see syncing up but once a day at most unless I have a lot of calendar changes. Still, it beats having a handheld bereft of calendar and contact information.

I got the handheld because I was getting sick of carrying around a paper organizer. I'd be in deep poo-doo if I lost it. Then I had to update the calendar every year, and rewrite contact pages as they got filled up or illegible. As disorganized as I am, this is the way for me to go.

Now one piece of my life is back. Perhaps I can sleep tonight.

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3/29/2007 9:49:00 PM
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