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You can't always get what you want.

But sometimes you get what you need.

Bowling was interesting this morning. Struggled the first game and then ended up with a 197 - just one pin under my average. Next game I strung the first five frames (strikes) and then had an open. Ended up with a 227. The third game was up and down, and I closed with a 192 for a 592 series.

I wanted that 600, but I needed to string some strikes.

Apropos of Jagger:

Not a Rolling StoneNot a Rolling Stone Hosted on Zooomr

Yeah, it's a stretch. But four entries in a day is a lot for me.

I am feeling better, and spent the afternoon working on a story. I'm waffling big time over this one. I think there's something good in there, but darned if I can find it at this point. Guess I just keep plugging away, eh?

Time to head out again. Now I NEED that 600. (Having said that, I probably won't make my average at all tonight.)

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4/11/2007 5:16:34 PM
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