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Behold the sleeping kitty, dreaming of catnip and world domination!

My dreams have not been so sweet lately. I'm sure it's a mixture of stuff going on in my life lately and another bout of "that age"-related insomnia. And when I take something to help me sleep, the dreams get vivid.

Usually, they're "responsibility" dreams, which speaks volumes about my life as of late. Usually I have some important task to fulfill, and I blow it. Or I accomplish it, and something else goes wrong. I attribute this more to anxiety than any actual failure on my part, though I'm always scared of falling down on my a$$ and making a fool of myself.

Hence, last night's dream. I was having fun. I was at a restaurant somewhere waiting on a table, and a celebrity showed up and sat down to talk. How cool was that? We talked about all kinds of things and discovered he liked the music of someone I know. That was great, until I made a fool of myself.

Remind me to keep my hands to myself the next time someone plays "Macarena." Just saying. ;-)

Or there are the "task" dreams. I have to do something, and I just miss accomplishing the task. I wake up in a sweat, then go back to sleep and dream about the task from another angle. Which I fail. And wake up. Lather, rinse, repeat. 

Oh, I know the dreams are related to real-life anxiety. FenCon is next month. My current worldbuilding for a novel is going nowhere. I need a break, and not just a couple of hours shopping. Not gonna happen for a while. And I just realized our last real vacation was a decade ago this fall. Yep, that explains some things. 

Thing is, it's sometimes the really odd dreams that lead to good stories. It's a mixed blessing. But it would be nice to have one night where I sleep through the night and don't remember my dreams. Or if I do, they're sweet ones.

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8/19/2014 9:56:57 AM
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