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Friday evening we took Chris to Trader Vic's for his birthday dinner. This eatery recently re-opened after having been closed for twenty years. The outside has been completely redone:

Trader Vic'sTrader Vic's Hosted on Zooomr

Trader Vic'sTrader Vic's Hosted on Zooomr

The interior looks just like it did all those years ago:

Trader Vic'sTrader Vic's Hosted on Zooomr

The eatery opened in 1967 attached to the Hilton Hotel. The Hilton eventually closed down and so did Trader Vic's - a casualty of the recession. The former Hilton went through several incarnations - including a Hare Krishna retreat - but Trader Vic's remained a virtual time capsule locked away. The hotel is now completely renovated as Hotel Palomar, a boutique property. You can see more of Trader Vic's here.

It as a fun evening, and Chris thoroughly enjoyed it. He's really into tiki, which is why we chose the place.

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5/7/2007 9:41:44 AM
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