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So where has the day gone? Oh, I know. I've been fighting the darned computer again. Time to roll the dice and decide: Processor, motherboard, or power supply? I think I can rule out the latter as I recently replaced it. We've done extensive memory checks and the rest of the equipment - save the FireWire adapter - -s brand new. But I did have the 'dapper out and still had problems, which means I can rule that one out. It's probably the motherboard. Oh, joy. I'll watch for a sale at Fry's - and pray for a paycheck.

Yes, the joys of freelancing, refrain #5763. I'll spare you further lyrics.

I've been watching the transition over at Zooomr today with interest. (Hey, maybe I should charge the client int-- no, I'm not talking about that! *slaps hand*) The've got a nifty demo of Mark III up and they're saying sometime in the next 12-24 hours it'll be up.

Ah, Paul just walked in. Time to finish dinner!

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5/21/2007 5:28:10 PM
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