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Dear Spammers...

Fresh (almost) daily from Julie Barrett

You keep sending 'em, I keep mocking 'em.

Patchs? I don't need to steenking Patchs. Oh, you mean "matches." Another damn dating site.

Testosterone? No thank you.

And not Viagra, either.

Look! There's a sale on knees!

Don't think I need to visit Europe just to get my tires or oil changed. But for a vacation...ah, Costa Rica. On a private charter jet or yacht. 

Why do I need to hookup with rude people when I have the comment section of my local newspaper site?

I know it's a product seen on  TV, but why would I buy from your incomprehensible URL when I can go down the street to the drug store?

Not  ready to enroll in Medicare by a long shot, thank you.

Now cat food coupons are something I can use. But not from Europe.

Did I dream of being a teacher? More like had nightmares. And if I want to be a teacher, I won't get an online degree, thank you.

Forget Costa Rica. I can cruise to Alaska. From Europe, apparently. Are we seeing a pattern here?

Ah, here's a deal from the US. I can rent a private island. In Europe, no doubt.

Deer Antler Spray, meet Herpes Symptoms. I hope you hit it off.

Coke or Pepsi? Dr Pepper, thanks for asking.

Nigel Loan-Officer, are you any relation to Raymond Luxury-Yacht?

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8/27/2014 2:26:20 PM
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