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Another for the idiot telemarketer files

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The phone rang while I was deep in some work. The kid is still asleep, so I grabbed the phone without looking at the ID.

THEM: Hello. This is Publisher's Business Services. To whom an I speaking?


ME: Who is Publisher's Business Services?

(I'm wondering at this point if I'm about to be pitched a scam aimed at writers.)

THEM: Why...we're Publisher's Business Services.

(And I must be dumb as a brick. Why didn't I understand that they're... Publisher's Business Services? I'm still waiting for the pitch, by the way.)

ME: And WHO is Publisher's Business Services?

THEM: We sell magazine subscriptions.

ME: I'm on the FTC Do Not Call list. Please take this number off of your list.

After I disconnected I discovered the caller ID said UNKNOWN NUMBER. A quick Google search shows a few complaints against this company. Why am I not surprised? I reported the call to the FTC.

Back to work.

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6/21/2007 10:08:07 AM
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