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I'm back from jury duty

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Well, that was interesting. I ended up on a panel. I'm not going to give any specifics that may identify the case for a few days. Sure, they've chosen the jury and all, but I'd hate for the rantings of some two-bit blogger to be the basis for an appeal.

So, what CAN I say? Well, it certainly was an interesting civics lesson, and I honestly believe that everyone should do their duty and answer the jury call if they're able.

No Alan Shore, of course, but the coffee machine did carry the brand name Crane. I asked for a black coffee and waited while the machine hissed at me. I could almost imagine Denny Crane pouring me a cup of coffee (okay, his minions would do that) at Crane, Poole & Schmidt:

Black coffee. You want BLACK coffee? Well, of course. Some of my best cups of coffee were black. Here, try this. It's got lightener in it.

The stuff tasted like crap. I hope the jury gets better coffee. Seriously.

On tap for tomorrow: Putting the house back together after the plumbing disaster. And then maybe I'll have time to get down to work!

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6/25/2007 9:38:56 PM
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