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A bit late tonight, sorry. It's been a bad air day, plus I've been deep in some research.

That about sums up the weekend, actually. No, it wasn't all work and no play: Chris and I repotted the huge aloe vera plant. That in itself was a monstrous job. This is the plant in somewhat better times:

The honkin' big aloe vera

Over the winter I made the mistake of thinking I could leave it outside if I covered it up. It didn't die, but we lost some branches and many of the rest are half-gone from the killer frost. It had also begun to lean. Chris and I pulled out the pups and the plant. We righted the plant and transplanted the pups into new pots. I also replanted another couple of rootbound plants.

I also spent a couple of hours shopping for replacement patio chairs. Ours are quite weatherbeaten, but we decided to wait for the summer clearance sales. I found some that I like, but I suspect the price will drop again very soon. Yep, I'm frugal. Okay, I'm downright cheap. But there ya go.

One last thing before I close: My International Pixel-Stained Technopeasants Day offering will go down in a couple of days for reworking. (Edit: Sorry, it's gone.) If you care to read it, now is the time.

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7/9/2007 10:00:47 PM
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